TUFFLOK Products and Aluminum Tubing

TUFFLOK connectors and products are designed to be installed on copper pipes that comply with the ASTM B280 standard.

TUFFLOK recognizes that the AC&R industry has utilized the installation of aluminum tubing, and, in some instances, it has not fared well under insulation and in less-than-optimal environmental conditions.

TUFFLOK provides a solution for repairing AC&R systems with aluminum pipes. TUFLOK connectors are compatible with aluminum pipes manufactured to the ASME B31.5 ASTMĀ B210/B210M-19a standard using 6061-T4 alloy.

However, we do not warrant our fittings when used with aluminum tubing. With the best interests of the contractor and equipment owner in mind, when TUFFLOK fittings are used for aluminum repair, TUFFLOK requires that all repaired joints be wrapped and insulated appropriately using a method provided by TUFFLOK in its installation training guide. Any damaged section of aluminum pipe must be replaced with copper pipe.