Training and Certification Program

TUFFLOK is committed to providing reliable mechanically attached fittings and a repeatable installation process that guarantees product performance. Since the introduction of the 10-year warranty on parts and labor, we have designed a training and certification program to assure product longevity and performance.

 The certification program consists of two parts:

  1. Online or in-person study materials with quizzes and the final test.
  2. Practical experience installing mechanically attached fittings.

The certification program costs $175.00 per person and must be renewed every two years. The hardware kit is included with certification. The renewal is required to ensure that changes in the design and processes are propagated to all installers in the field.

The online training part of the certification is 1 hour long. The practical experience part of the certification is about 1.5 hours long. Typically installers can complete certification in one morning or afternoon session. Once installers receive the certification kit, they can schedule an online session for part 2 certification.



Part 1: Online or in-person study

  1. Review TUFFLOK coupler design and functionality
  2. Learn how to prepare copper pipes for mechanically attached fittings
  3. Learn how to configure and set up a coupler termination tool
  4. Learn how to install couplers properly
  5. Learn the quality control process
  6. Learn how to repair aluminum pipes installations
  7. Learn how to repair pinhole leaks and improve system efficiency
  8. Learn how to seal couplers to prevent deterioration
  9. Learn how to install insulation on copper tubing with couplers
  10. Learn how to clean copper line set
  11. How to install ball valves
  12. How to install flares
  13. How to install warranty labels on installed couplers
  14. How to file a warranty claim for parts and labor
  15. Review the warranty claim process

Part 2: Practical experience

  1. Prepare copper pipes for attaching TUFFLOK couplers (3/8”, 1/2″, 7/8”, 1-1/8”)
  2. Install multiple TUFFLOK couplers and reducers
  3. Seal TUFFLOK couplers to prevent deterioration
  4. Install warranty labels
  5. Apply insulation cover
  6. Clean pipes after the installation of couplers

Upon completing both parts of the training, the installer will be issued a completion certificate with a registration number, certification patch, installation logbook, and a clickable Sharpie pen.