TUFFLOK Advantage

Advantages of TUFFLOK mechanically attached fittings.

Top-notch Quality Assurance: TUFFLOK stands out as an ISO9001:2015 certified organization, ensuring rigorous quality control. With documented processes and thorough testing, you’re guaranteed products that meet and exceed industry standards.

Swift and Reliable Deliveries: With a substantial inventory on hand, TUFFLOK minimizes lead times and disruptions, ensuring your projects stay on track without unnecessary delays.

Superior Performance: TUFFLOK fittings not only meet but surpass UL207 requirements. Their versatility with various refrigerants makes them ideal for a range of applications, including VRV/VRF and refrigeration.

Peace of Mind Warranty: Offering a 10-year parts and labor warranty, TUFFLOK stands behind its products, providing assurance and confidence in their reliability and durability.

Flexible Tool Options: TUFFLOK understands installers’ diverse needs and offers flexible tool acquisition programs. Whether you prefer outright purchase, rental for specific jobs, or a lease program, they’ve got you covered.

Innovative Seal Design: Unlike traditional gasket-based fittings, TUFFLOK products utilize metal-to-metal compression, ensuring a 100% seal without relying on additional components.

Convenience in Packaging: Each coupler and reducer comes individually packaged, containing everything needed for a secure, refrigerant-tight connection between copper pipes, simplifying installations.

Effortless Quoting Process: TUFFLOK provides comprehensive quoting services based on your design files, ensuring accuracy and accounting for every component required to complete the insulation process.

Expert Technical Support: Count on TUFFLOK’s dedicated technical support team, available every weekday to assist with any queries or challenges and provide guidance from mechanical and compliance aspects to installation concerns.

Certified Installer Program: TUFFLOK ensures quality installations by training all installers before allowing them to work in the field. Installations by Certified TUFFLOK installers come with a 10-year part and labor warranty, emphasizing their commitment to excellence.

Continuous Innovation: TUFFLOK is committed to addressing evolving field needs and continuously developing new products to meet industry demands, no matter how big or small the task.

With TUFFLOK, you’re not just getting fittings; you’re investing in your projects’ reliability, performance, and peace of mind.