TUFFLOK provides comprehensive end-to-end warranty for all of our products. For mechanically attached fittings, we provide 10 years warranty for parts and labor. Please read the details below. 


TUFFLOK is proud to offer 10 years parts and labor warranty on all our products. We are confident about the performance of our products, and we know that every product we manufacture will meet or exceed performance characteristics. 

A certified TUFFLOK installer must install all TUFFLOK products to ensure consistent installation and use of our products.

Warranty conditions: 

  1. Installation must be done by TUFFLOK certified installer registered with TUFFLOK.
  2. All mechanically attached fittings must be installed per TUFFLOK installation specifications.
  3. Upon completion of the connector installation, a warranty label must be applied to the connection.
  4. When charging the system, the SEALLOK refrigerant / oil conditioner must be added to improve system efficiency, automatically repair system leaks, and enable leak detection. 
  5. Log entry must be made in the log book recording the installation date, location, Company name, and installer’s initials.
  6. Once installation is completed and the system is operational, online warranty registration must be completed. 
  7. If the leak is detected, TUFFLOK must be notified within ten days of the leak. The leak must be located and repaired if the system requires additional refrigerant.

Warranty claim:

If there is a warranty claim, complete the online form to submit this claim. Order necessary fittings to repair the affected connection. Cut out the affected fitting with at least 2″ of pipe on each side and return it to TUFFLOK for analysis. In addition, submit the labor time it took to replace the fitting. Below is the outline of what TUFFLOK will analyze to determine the warranty.

  1. Was the fitting installed after 12/27/2022? 
  2. Was the installer certified TUFFLOK installer?
  3. Is the logbook entry provided to verify the installation date?
  4. Is there any mechanical damage to the TUFFLOK fitting?
  5. Was the copper pipe fully inserted into the TUFFLOK fitting?
  6. Was the retaining compound applied during the installation of the fitting?
  7. Was moisture seal tape applied during the installation of the fitting?
  8. Was a warranty label applied during the installation of the fitting?
  9. Was a refrigerant/oil conditioner added to the system’s refrigerant?
  10. Was the fitting and pipe properly insulated to prevent moisture intrusion?

Once the analysis is completed, TUFFLOK will generate an analysis report to determine if the warranty claim is accepted.

Since 2017, we did not have a single failure of the TUFFLOK mechanically attached fittings. We are confident that with proper training, every connection will be trouble-free for the system’s life.